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Lights Out in Wonderland

"There's no name for my situation. Firstly because I decided to kill myself. And then because of this idea: I don't have to do it immediately.

       Whoosh - through a little door.

       It's a limbo."

Gabriel Brockwell decides to use his limbo to escape from rehab and find the most decadent party for a farewell from life. His adventure takes him via Tokyo to Berlin, where a shadowy elite conspires to mount a banquet to end all banquets in a vast forgotten bunker under the city.

Lights Out in Wonderland is an allegorical whirlwind of adventure in decadent late capitalist times.


It also includes a damned good recipe for tiger.

Untergrund Berlin
Lights Out

"Pierre's writing is heady, reaching glorious heights of linguistic invention."  -Independent

"Pierre pulls a gonzo evisceration of these grim times in his high-octane third novel - a fusion of William Gibson's intelligence with Hunter S. Thompson's manic energy."  -Publishers Weekly

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