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Ludmila's Broken English

"That model pair of young ethnic Ublis – he with the airs of a dangerous puppy, she with a filthy and knowing innocence – stood until their arms fell nearly broken under Heaven’s weight, hissing whispers in their language of crackles and slices like criss-crossing dance steps on ice."

Ludmila Derev's journey west to save her family from marauders in the war-torn Caucasus is an odyssey of sour wit, even sourer vodka, and a Soviet tractor probably running on goat's piss. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the recently disconjoined Heath twins are plunged into cosmopolitan London's round-the-clock world of opportunity, the chatter of freedom, and sex. A combination of mysterious cocktails and a Russian brides website throws these unforgettable characters together with explosive results in this masterful black farce.

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"Pierre's sensuous, often vitriolic language suits a story that, while not for the fainthearted, is viciously funny and sad."  -People

"Expect the baroque. Expect slapstick and speed, funny and obscene, and a near-gorgeous overwrite out of which come occasional moments of shocking loss and beauty."  -Sunday Telegraph


"Pierre's prose is so exuberant it nearly bounces off the page."  -Financial Times

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