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"Merging anecdote-driven theory with a freewheeling, maverick energy, Release the Bats offers a turbocharged manifesto of sorts that is fully in sync with Pierre's established public persona of someone hitting his conversational stride halfway between his sixth and seventh sundowner." -New Statesman

How to write

when all you have is a feeling

You can be insecure and be a writer.

You can be unsuccessful and be a writer.

You can be a bad person and be a writer.

You can be a drinker, a procrastinator, a freak.

You can be compulsive, dependent, delusional.

You can be under house arrest.

You can be on medication.

You can be wrong.

And be a writer.

You just have to write.

That’s where it gets tricky.

There are a million gurus, books and groups that can tell you where the verb goes, and sell you a rewarding, methodical way to write.

This book is about another way.

One you might end up with.

Because, once you get over this being a job you can do in your underwear you will find yourself in that underwear in the dead of some miserable night more alone than you thought you could be.

And you won’t give a fuck where the verb goes.

"Brilliant, funny and very useful."  -Times Literary Supplement

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