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Dead of night

Kamikaze Shed

come for This Reminder

I'm someone who thought I'd never write. Then I wrote. I had to find tools from scratch, often the hard way, and whenever I looked for some kind of hack, or a beacon, in the dead of a night with my work, all I could find was perky and technical, the kind of stuff that would improve this paragraph here. When what I was looking for were ways to blast my spirit onto the page, convincingly enough to keep me coming back.

Not to make a huge deal out of writing, some people can do it jogging. But I couldn't do it jogging, which made the whole trip an odyssey, and every discovery like a night on champagne.

Kamikaze means divine wind. That's what I wanted behind the work, behind me. Plunging to my death but missing was the level of spirit I pledged in return for it. And that following wind came.

If, over time, I can load some of it here, you might find it in the dead of a night when you're hunting a breeze of your own. I hope that one day happens.



If you prefer it written down, a lot of these thoughts are in

Release the Bats.

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